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shuvu students graduate with a diploma
85% OF
Shuvu students graduate
with a diploma
shuvu educates students every day
Shuvu Educates
studentsevery day
Shuvu provides
hot lunchesevery day

15,000 children and family members benefit from Shuvu services

Shuvu’s network of kindergartens, elementary and high schools throughout Israel offer students from all backgrounds an outstanding education, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to become independent, successful and productive members of Israeli society.

Starting in 1990 with two schools providing education for Russian immigrant children, Shuvu has now established a network of 64 schools and kindergartens at 21 sites throughout Israel. As well as offering an unrivalled secular education, Shuvu connects children to their Jewish heritage by providing a positive and uplifting Jewish education. Today the Shuvu network has changed the lives of over 35,000 students and graduates, and inspired over 100,000 people.

About us
In 1991, with the deterioration of communism in the Former Soviet Union, hundreds of thousands of Jews streamed through the Iron Curtain. Ignorant of their Jewish heritage, Russian Jews would require…
Shuvu Schools
Shuvu’s 64 schools and kindergartens offer Russian immigrants and native Israeli children excellence in secular and Jewish education. Our curriculum is enriched with a supportive welfare network and…
Success Stories
“I was a computer geek, for two years all I did in my spare time was sit in front of a computer,” is how Pavel Kavaliov described himself. His passion for computers earned him 1st place in Intel’s…