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Shuvu Student receives National Excellence Award
Shuvu Student receives National Excellence Award
01 Jul 2017 | Israel

Shuvu Jerusalem, was honoured to learn that Ariel Kostin, one of their students, who graduated 2 years ago, received one of the highest grades in Israel, in his Bagrut (matriculation) exams.

Ariel was notified of this achievement in June, when he received a personal letter from Mr. Shmuel Abuav, The Director General of the Ministry of Education. In his letter, Mr Abuav, congratulates the Shuvu Graduate on his outstanding level of excellence, demonstrating diligence and exceptional values.

Mr Abuav also congratulates the Shuvu Jerusalem School, for providing the environment and encouragement for such excellence.

Although he graduated two years ago and has since enlisted in the army, Ariel has retained a close connection to the Shuvu staff. This was clearly demonstrated when the first phone call he made upon receiving the letter, was to a member of Shuvu staff, to share his excitement and to thank them for making it possible.

Moreinu Harav Pam Zt’’l always emphasised the importance of a very high level of General Studies and gratefully, we continue to see successes in this area too!